“I feel the guardian instead of the owner. This land existed before I was born and will exist even after, so as most part of these olive trees. My task is to maintain the land alive, to foster regeneration, keep it fertile and welcoming for men and animals in the future.”

Mario Ciampetti, proprietor of the Hispellum farm, has always believed in the fact that at the base of each type of growing there must be a huge respect for the soil and its fruits. Not by chance the Extra Virgin Olive oil “Terre Rose” has the2010 biodynamic certification , a winning post also achieved thanks to the University of Studies of Perugia cooperation that followed the implementation of crops and production controls.

“The choice of biodynamic agriculture was born from the awareness that the land is not ours but it’s ours the responsibility of the place where we live in.”

It’s about a farming methodology based on a world’s vision created by the philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the early 900’s. An idea of farming able to respect the earth ecosystem and to consider closely related to the soil and the life that develops on it as well. Steiner has assumed a farming model in which man helps Nature to make the Earth more fertile, healthy and where its products could be richer of nutritional elements. A model that foresees the farmer beside its farm, both living beings integrated in a wider context.