The Azienda Agraria Hispellum springs from a Ciampetti’s family initiative, that chose to establish the link between the land and its finest product: the olive oil. Producing the extra virgin olive oil Terre Rosse is an expression of our culture. It values traditions, principles, passion for the land and for its products. We constantly operate to value our land’s characteristics and enhance the precious nature of our olive oil, so we can offer the best quality standards for our customers.

The respect we pay to the environment and the passion for our olive oil, are the fundamentals of our farm’s philosophy and ethos. The result is a very high quality standards olive oil, that is defined by many different fragrances found in our olives. Sharing love for our origins through a natural element like the olive oil, and in force of this concept, loving the ancient and precious land where the oil is nurtured from. This is our principle and excellence is what we are striving for. This is transmitted by offering an excellent quality product to the customer.
This is our ethics.

Mario Ciampetti
President of Azienda Agricola Hispellum